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In this sense, we cannot draw the authentic point in the reality, it's just the invented concept.

Point at infinity

So we are isolated from the center point as a belief and the reality. In this project, I intended to search a center point with Dowsing technique, which is considered pseudoscience, with the autonomous machines.

Because the point belongs to the outside of the humanity. Dowsing is an attempt to search buried water vein, metals or ores, gemstones, oil, etc.


And Dowsing used to be implemented by a Y-shaped twig, called dowsing rod, divining rod. Ellis, there might be the connection between the magical rods, which frequently appear in the books of Moses, and Dowsing, so by the reason why Moses was using a rod while listening to the voice of god, I mounted the microphone on the board for changing the motor's direction, and also the vibration sensor to convey the rod's intention a speaker sounds when the sensor detects the vibration.

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All of us has a central idea and certain type of moral, and they necessarily include a time-, spacial-scale. And with these scale and perspective, you judge the others. If you infinitely enlarge the scale, it would be Nihilism, if you minimise the scale, it would be Epicureanism or just self-righteous.

Infinity and Perspective by Harries, Karsten - PDF Drive

But in order to escape from innocent Relativism, is the judgment by none-Human possible? Engaging the crucial problem of perspective vision and its epistemological roots, this book is a true 'philosophy of architecture'—a most appropriate 'mode of philosophizing' capable of addressing the crucial questions for humanity in the wake of modernity. Search Search. Search Advanced Search close Close.

Infinity and Perspective

Preview Preview. Infinity and Perspective By Karsten Harries A philosophical exploration of the origin and limits of the modern world. Request Permissions Exam copy. Overview Author s Praise. Summary A philosophical exploration of the origin and limits of the modern world. Share Share Share email.

Reviews Harries's well-positioned and clearly presented history of ideas will generate a great deal of controversy Publishers Weekly. Here, the set of ideal points takes the form of a quadric. In an affine or Euclidean space of higher dimension, the points at infinity are the points which are added to the space to get the projective completion.

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The set of the points at infinity is called, depending on the dimension of the space, the line at infinity , the plane at infinity or the hyperplane at infinity , in all cases a projective space of one less dimension. As a projective space over a field is a smooth algebraic variety , the same is true for the set of points at infinity. Similarly, if the ground field is the real or the complex field, the set of points at infinity is a manifold.

In artistic drawing and technical perspective, the projection on the picture plane of the point at infinity of a class of parallel lines is called their vanishing point. In hyperbolic geometry , points at infinity are typically named ideal points. Unlike Euclidean and elliptic geometries, each line has two points at infinity: given a line l and a point P not on l , the right- and left- limiting parallels converge asymptotically to different points at infinity.

All points at infinity together form the Cayley absolute or boundary of a hyperbolic plane. This construction can be generalized to topological spaces.

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Different compactifications may exist for a given space, but arbitrary topological space admits Alexandroff extension , also called the one-point compactification when the original space is not itself compact.